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Players: Mムレ乇レ- (Marcus,24)

"Based on the characters from Battle Arena Toshinden fighting games and the anime show in the 90s and early 2000s, Battle Arena Toshindedn Origins makes it interesting.

Thanks to my great friend ericard for making this game!!!

BATO, a beat-em-up category game you must play, the 4 Characters first shown in the select screen: Ejii(The Main Character in the World of BAT!!),Genma, Oboro, and Zen.

Show off their style on the baddies when you go through 12 stages(2 acts in one stage as well!!), of their marvelous moves and specials!!! So what are you waiting for, Eiji says to download BATO today and start kicking those bad guy's ass!!!

Up to 4 Players using either a keyboard or a pc gamepad.

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